A collaborative student project that was developed during my second year at Staffordshire University; HEX'N'GUN was an opportunity to learn how to work as a junior underneath a senior. This experience taught me a lot about how to effectively communicate with others during development and how to recover from mistakes.

HEX'N'GUN had a rocky development cycle due to some issues flaring amongst the senior team, but with the help of the senior producer and the awesome art team; myself and a junior programmer were able to pull the final gameplay experience together.

As a junior technical designer, my responsibilities included:

  • Design and build a system in UE4 Blueprints to handle AI perception under certain lighting conditions using Inverse Square law

  • Design and build a dynamic movement system that allows players to vault, climb and slide when approaching objects with specific rules

  • Design and use the behaviour tree and the environmental query system to build an AI that will detect the player and investigate the player's last seen location

  • Design a level around the built systems

  • Employ various techniques to make the demo visually-appealing

Gameplay Trailer