Elite Dangerous: Odyssey

Level Design

The role I took on initially when joining on to work on Elite Dangerous: Odyssey was to work on level design for the expansion. My main task for this time period was to design and implement various room tilesets featured in the Odyssey’s settlements.

My responsibilities included:


  • Planning of various room layouts and paths

  • Whiteboxing using very early test meshes provided by art team

  • Consideration for cover and sightlines, using the blurry-eye test to identify weak points

  • Collaboration with the art team and a technical artist to produce new assets and tools for use with level design

  • Constant iteration based on feedback from reviews held by senior design and art; with occasional feedback from the game director and art director


I slowly began to move away from level design on Odyssey to focus on mission design. I did create some prototype settlement designs in early 2020 to learn new functionality and to gain an understanding of the various interactions in the game.