Daniel Saunders

Hullo there! I’m Daniel Saunders and I’ve found myself in the fortunate position of being a full-time game designer; with a passion for discovering what makes games truly fun and engaging to play.


For five years I studied design, art and a teeny-tiny bit of programming for games in full-time education, eventually finding a passion for game design that has stuck with me since.


I’ve met many folks who have inspired my way of working, from industry newcomers to veterans alike. I’m keen to stay involved by attending games industry events and participating in educational talks and events.


When I’m not dedicating time to the playing and making of video games, I spend time keeping fit and healthy at the gym. As an avid fan of powerlifting and strongman, I’m inspired to stay strong and to take care of my health.


Alongside this, I also like to spend time with friends playing tabletop RPGs and board games, running fortnightly sessions.

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Frontier Developments

My tenure at Frontier has been spent working alongside a talented team on future releases for Elite Dangerous.


As a designer, my role is primarily to design, implement and iterate upon content and systems that will be implemented into the game.


I find myself working independently or alongside others to help guide said content and systems from pre-production to release.


02/09/2019 - Present

Current Role

Game Designer

Former Roles

Graduate Designer (02/09/2019 - 01/06/2021)




Staffordshire University

I studied a full three years at Staffordshire University, learning about multiple industry disciplines and in that time; I found my passion for game design.


I volunteered as a student representative for the University for two of the three years I studied there, giving student feedback to lecturers and helping to improve the overall student experience.


I graduated on the 11th of July 2019 with a First Class Honours degree.

Date Studied



BSc (Hons) Computer Game Design


Northbrook College Sussex

I studied at Northbrook College for two years under two different qualification providers; the latter of which was the UAL Extended Diploma.


My time at Northbrook built a confidence that I took forward into Staffordshire University and still carry with me today. It opened my eyes to how I could make my way into industry, and the teaching staff there built the foundations for me to take that first giant step toward university.

Date Studied



UAL Extended Diploma in Creative Media Production and Technology