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  • Game Designer (18/12/21 - Present)

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Key Responsibilities

  • Worked on the Campaign for Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Realms of Ruin as a game designer, providing a wider expertise in Quest, Level and System design

  • Worked closely with team of coders to oversee the creation of new tools used to create the Campaign

  • Mentored new graduates in best practices, use of tools and development of in-game content


I joined Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Realms of Ruin during the late stages of prototype/early stages of pre-production and began by prototyping multiplayer maps using the level editor and providing input on various areas of the game's design. I was then given ownership over the creation of the initial campaign prototype, where it was determined that we would need a more efficient and designer-friendly method of creating the number of missions needed for the final game.

As a result of this, I became the primary design point of contact for the development of a new in-house visual scripting system, working alongside a team of incredible coders to get this ready for wider design use. The tool was ultimately used to build the entire campaign.

Using this tool, I created the new versions of the campaign prototype which was shown to Games Workshop and various press and influencers.

I was also responsible for the design of numerous campaign missions, going through iterative stages before finally developing and focusing on 7 of the game's final set.; including the first two levels focusing on tutorialisation of many of the new concepts featured within the game. On all of these missions, I was responsible for designing the initial concept of the mission, the level layouts, mission rules, scripted event layouts, enemy encounters and boss encounters.

Later in the project, we gained two graduate level designers who I got a chance to mentor; teaching them about the project, how the tools and systems worked and advising on best practices. I got to teach them how to use the new visual-scripting system, which they then used to implement the campaign's challenges, a feature that I took over the design of.

I also supported the prototyping and development of various features within the game, including bastions and command posts, campaign interactables and more.

Post-release, I designed and oversaw the development of the Unit Stance system, using player feedback and in-game telemetry as cornerstones for analysing the best way to implement the feature. I was able to work closely with various departments to see this across the line, with many discussions surrounding the UX of the feature.

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