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  • Game Designer

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Key Responsibilities

  • Learning how to write and maintain concise design documentation

  • Use the provided framework to build new mechanics and systems, including a 2.5D Metroidvania camera system and wall jumping

  • Use the provided framework to iterate upon mechanics and systems, including character movement and controls and enemy design

  • Designed and worked through a level design pipeline to produce a playable level, with secrets!


Designed and developed during my second year at Staffordshire University, Behold, Bloodstone! is a metroidvania prototype built on a framework developed by the university lecturers.

The project was an opportunity to learn about Unreal Engine 4 and how flexible Blueprint can be for building new systems.

I also learned a lot that I have taken on board when working on projects since:

  • The importance of peer reviews and feedback. There are things that I had not noticed until after the deadline had passed that would have been good to alter; like the final boss fight and the secondary areas needing some tuning

  • The importance of a good framerate. At the time of creation, I was still learning more and more about optimisation in Unreal Engine 4, so I may have been overzealous in my use of visual effects. Something that I have taken the time to improve upon

  • The importance of subtly directing the player. I feel that I achieved this somewhat with my work on Behold, Bloodstone! More visual aids and areas that teach the player that backtracking is important would have taken this from being good to great

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