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  • Game Designer (01/06/21 - 17/12/21)

  • Graduate Designer (02/09/19 - 01/06/21)

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Key Responsibilities

  • Designed, prototyped and developed the new mission set for Odyssey's launch

  • Supporting Updates 1 to 11 for the live game via "mission feature extensions"

  • Designed, created and iterated upon interior room tiles for use in final settlement level layouts



Mission/Quest Design

  • Designed the flow for almost all missions featured in Odyssey at launch

  • Continued work to add new missions and supporting features in post-launch updates (Shared Missions, Defence Mission, etc).

  • Implementation of mission flow and rules using in-house tools

  • Scripting gameplay for all missions featured at settlements, working closely with level design team and POI designer to make sure all areas were fit for purpose

  • In the earlier days, worked continually with a principal designer who gave continual feedback to ensure my initial mission designs worked as intended

  • Later, worked with an experienced game designer who would handle the higher-level design decisions

  • Worked with said designer to polish and balance missions, and integrate them into the existing background simulation of Elite Dangerous

  • Collaborated with missions programming team and senior technical designer to see new rules and features implemented into the game and various tools

  • Worked closely with narrative team to implement new mission rationales, details and objectives

Level Design

  • Planning of various room layouts and paths

  • Whiteboxing using very early trest meshes provided by technical art and art teams

  • Consideration for cover and sightlines, using the blurry-eye test to identify weak points in level designs

  • Collaboration with the art team and technical artist to provide new assets and tools for use with level design

  • Constant iteration based on feedback from reviews held by senior team

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